sunnuntai 28. maaliskuuta 2010

Blush stash

L to R, 1st row: Chanel JC Narcisse, Chanel 10 Tweed Pink (tester), Chanel Modeleur Ombre et Lumiere 02 Rose and Elizabeth Arden Cheekcolor 19 Pink Cashmere.
2nd row: Lancome Blush Subtil 05 Peche nacree, MAC Angel, Pink Swoon and The Perfect Cheek.
3rd row: Lancome BS 01 Rose nuage, MUS lush, Bobbi Brown Pale Pink, Paula Dorf Cheek color cream Playmate and Cha Cha.

The same without flash. How many blushes does one person need. I mean, need? Last year I said 3-4. Come ooon. Ok, your average person needs 1 or 2, a makeup freeeeek needs, um, 6-7 plus highlighters, like MAC Porcelain Pink, which is not included here.

I like fair pinks and have come to realise I could do with even fairer shades, with just a hint of color cos I'm quite pale, and even I don't wear stripes on my cheeks, blending is a problem sometimes. I like the quality of Lancome's blushes best, am a bit disappointed in Chanel, because of the hard texture in general.

Didn't realise how brown that The Perfect Cheek looks IRL (the last one on 1st row). Don't ask me if I like it I'm not sure what I like. I have a bit blush crisis. Well, I do like Paula Dorf's Playmate a lot. (2nd row, 2nd from the right).

4 kommenttia:

Charming Nails: kirjoitti...

Ihania poskareita :) sanoisinko laadukas kokonaisuus!

Vanity kirjoitti...

Nii kato on vähän mäkkiäkin sitten viime näkemän. On muuten melkein samat kamat ko viime vuonna tähän aikaan..

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Ihanan hillitty kokoelma. Mulle on jostain vaan ilmestynyt punia punien perään ja uusia odottelen nytkin. Kun mikään ei riitä.. -sh-

Vanity kirjoitti...

Koitan vähän hillitä rönsyilyä, edes jollain osa-alueella : O.