maanantai 16. elokuuta 2010

Espressin' my style

I added an indoor pic. Left to right: SH AR, Dior GJ, OPI TiBH, CND Effects CS. This shows the reality better.. Golden Jewel turns a bit muddy, cos it has base color. TiBH probably works better on its own.. Copper Sparkle turns EYS a bit lighter shade.

Decided to do some testing over OPI's Espresso your style. EYS is the kind of polish I don't want to wear on its own, cos it's just.. brown. Also, when I was browsing the web I came across some fabulous duochromes.. and I remembered My Duochrome Favourite of All Time which is Sally Hansen Nail Prisms "08 Amber Ruby". Anyway, I applied two coats of EYS on all and 2 coats of CND Effects in Copper Shimmer on the fore finger, 2 coats of OPI's Thrills in Beverly Hills glitter TC on the middle, two coats of previously seen Dior Golden Jewel on ring and one coat of Sally Hansen Amber Ruby on pinky.

The sunshine pics show one side of these swatches. I added the indoor pic (up up up, the idiotic blogger don't let me move the pic added later, or certainly in this browser u can't!!!)

The bots.

The Queen of all Duochromes and certainly a polish in my top five ever. I don't use it so often cos it dries sloowwwly and takes three coats, but hey, I didnt realize it works great with EYS with just one coat on top. And did you notice, it looks reddish purple in the sun!

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